All About Dog Boarding

When it comes to dog boarding, there are several things that you should know. Price, levels of service, package differences, and activity monitoring are all things you need to consider. But investing in premium dog training and boarding services will make sure that you are aware of each of these categories both before and during your dog’s stay.


Make sure to always do your research and contact the dog boarding kennel of your choice well in advance. Ask about living conditions, trainer experience and qualification, immunisation requirements, and emergency responses.


Go with experienced carers


If you’re looking for a provider that will exceed your pet’s expectations, Hanrob Pet Hotels can help. In fact, we think we’re the perfect place for all dog accommodation!


Boarding your dog for the first time can be a little daunting, so you can rest assured that we have experienced staff members that are trained to keep your dog calm, comfortable, and happy. Whether you’re looking for temporary accommodation, regular boarding, a combination of dog training and boarding, or anything in between — at various levels of luxury — Harob is here to help ease your mind.


We have worked with dogs of all ages for years, keeping them happy and thriving in our care. When your furry friend is done with our boarding experience, you will receive a detailed report card upon departure.

Most premium dog boarding services will offer several levels of boarding for your dog to enjoy. At Hanrob, we make sure that our dog training and boarding experiences spread across a large range, taking into account personal preferences and budgets.



Classic dog boarding


If you’re boarding your dog for the first time and are looking for an entry-level boarding experience, most pet hotels will offer a classic experience. Hanrob will make sure that your dog has access to several essential boarding services:


  • 4 by 2-metre indoor accomodation
  • Access to fresh air and exhaust system
  • Blanket and comfortable bedding provided
  • Regular meals, toilet break, and housekeeping
  • 30 minutes of group and one on one playtime with other pets and a supervisor


Social dog boarding


For a more communal experience, you can opt to have your dog share accommodation with a well-matched roommate of similar age, breed, and temperament. Though this option can be a solo affair, most choose to have their furry friend have another furry friend join them. This package has all the benefits of the classic dog boarding service, but with 2 hours of playtime and one on one nature walk for solo dogs.


Luxury suite


For those looking to pamper their dog, luxury suite dog boarding is the way to go. Along with the perks of the classic and social dog boarding experiences, your dog will enjoy a spacious area with an LCD TV, luxury bedding, wash & blow-dry, toys, and premium meals.




For the most premium experience, Hanrob offers a Villa dog boarding service. All the perks of the luxury suite are combined with a home experience. This is the ultimate type of dog boarding and training, combining privacy with luxury.


Hanrob — the dog boarding and training experts


Hanrob Pet Hotels has been the premier provider of pet accommodation since 1981. With qualified and experienced pet supervisors and carers on call, we ensure that your dog is pampered in a way they won’t forget. Whether you’re boarding your dog for the first time or coming back to enjoy the benefits of a premium pet accommodation service,
Hanrob will make sure that your furry friend is looked after.

For more information on how you can learn all about dog boarding and the experience that your friend will have in our accommodation, get in touch with us, and a professional member of our team will walk you through the entire process.