Hello to a transformed Scarlett!

It has been a rough journey for Sal, but not anymore.


Scarlett, a Border Collie cross Australian Shepherd arrived home at just 8 weeks old – two days after her owner Sal fell into an unfortunate spinal injury. Scarlett was 13 months old when she was fully immunised and had been stuck home for almost 6 weeks.


“Due to my injury, she was becoming too difficult for me to manage. When I could finally take her out, it simply turned into a painful and unpleasant experience for us,” said Sal, Scarlett’s owner.


While Sal’s injury was deteriorating, Scarlett became increasingly anxious and confused, resulting in misery for the both of them. It became clear that Sal can no longer care for her pet and would be better off returning her to the breeder.


Determined to help Scarlett, Sal signed her up to Hanrob’ s 20-Days Stay and Train Program. “Due to her rapid growing stage, anxiety issues and my inability to personally train her, my expectations were not very high”, she added.


“When Scarlett arrived at our facility, she was a nervous little puppy. I had to take my time to earn her trust and build her confidence before we could even attempt to ask any obedience of her”, said Isabella, Dog Trainer at Hanrob Pet Hotels. “Once she gains your trust, she’s the sweetest little pup, always happy to give you cuddles and kisses at the end of each lesson.”


During the 20-Days Stay and Train Program, Scarlett’s development showed a happier and more confident pup. She learned to play with people, dogs alike and even made new friends which helped with her overall progress.




By the end of her stay, she was able to walk on a loose lead, listen around distractions and be calm around new people.


Sal met with Isabella at the end of the training program, when she was given a one-hour handover lesson. She was amazed by the wonderful relationship that they formed. “It was instantly clear that Scarlett has built a strong and positive bond with her trainer. Their connection was special,” added Sal.


Back home, Isabella continued to check on Scarlett’s progress and how they were coping. The results remained positive, she was more manageable, showed more confidence in herself and everyone around her.


“I’m overjoyed at the progress she has made in such a short period of time. It is the reason I became a dog trainer – to help owners and dogs alike build a happy and trusting relationship. Seeing the result makes it all worth it.” said Isabella.


Sal concluded “I highly recommend Hanrob Pet Hotel’s Training Programs to correct behavioural issues, or simply to bring out the best in your pet. My experience with Hanrob way exceeded my expectation. Without Hanrob, I couldn’t have kept Scarlett, and I will always be extremely grateful.”


At Hanrob, we thrive on the joyous outcomes that improve the quality of life for both pet and owner. We adopt a comprehensive dog training framework that delivers positive outcomes, and continue to deliver after departure! Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your pet’s training needs at 1300 426 762 or email